October 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

so this is what this feels like.

i’m this close to taking an anti-capitals policy on this blog. this is too quiet and caps are terribly loud. and just a leetle bit pretentious.

a little.

a leetle.

a soupçon.

a smidgeon.


or is this conscious forswearing of capitals pretentious, like banksy pretentious, if this funny twisted world has made the likes of banksy pretentious – or precious – is there a difference? – only if you’re twelve or younger – and then it’s a hard sell – is that freudian? – isn’t everything? –  that’s just cheap – jung would agree – jung can’t pronounce his own name – it’s german, actua – ENGLISH, motherfucker! do. you. speak it!!!

what sort of culture retrospectively makes graffiti art? what does it do to punk music, to steal from it its punk and make it your chihuahua? the mainstream must be the dirtiest by definition, say lao tzu and m.c. mehta v. union of india (the 2nd ganga case), and the main stream is rather white, isn’t it. oh yes, banksy’s a witticism now, banksy’s on tshirts, and the internet says white people like him.

and we all know what happens to people that white people like .


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  • this is like when a successful sitcom returns for its next season, and the colours are brighter and the characters look slightly different, more cooler versions of their last-season selves; the dialogues are faster paced and more zingy, and the humour more confident.

    this is good.

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