frumpelstiltskin reports from the frumplines.

October 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

the ‘common cold’ just won’t do, i’m afraid.

this cold makes me want to sneeze violently and fall asleep for a hundred years, all at once; still my nose aches at the thought of sneezing again. indeed you know your nose is too big if it’s big enough to have joint aches of its own. further, i am feeling cheated that the depth of my suffering is not sufficiently described by the name of the illness.

and since i am feeling the frump, of course i am looking..wearing.. hell, i am living the frump, for what am i if not a seasoned maker of bad things to worse ones?

watch me rock the squished sleepyface and the sexy sleep-mohawk. oh damn right, i am frumpalicious.

i need to finish the last 80 pages of baudolino. i’m wondering if there’s a the liar-esque con towards the end – i really will be surprised if there is no con – but if it’s there i  suspect it’ll be gentler than that one. i feel like i should go read the liar again, but it’s a lot of work and there’s not enough time. google says britain calls baudolino ‘the trickster god’, and ting-ting-ting bells are sounding. faint recognition is happening.

….and her love of tamora pierce (that blogpost) comes finally to mind, and i feel all smiley and glowy because i sense that there will be new books in december. this is finally the right time for and the right opener to tamora pierce. however – and that happy feeling is going away, alas! – something tells me this is not the sort of book one buys off the pavement. this is going to be a glass walled, airconditioned, sit-in-our-beanbag, drink-at-our-cha-bar kind of wallet-denudement, and wow, denudement is a clumsy, ugly word.

well, that was a buzzkill.

so what one does now, is one trusts in fate, or that nutjob cousin of hers that lives in bombay, and one hopes that everything will align itself so that soon in a warm town by the sea, a littleness of money will change hands for a muchness of yellowed books.

what is so cool about having read baudolino right after wolf hall was to be able to see how very close frederick comes to wolf hall’s henry viii. and by that i mean nothing so broad as a character-comparison, i mean actual, honest-to-goodness dialogue. if you were mean and chose to employ your 20/20 hindsight to stomp all over my buzz, you could say of course that would happen, it’s the same play of forces isn’t it, a state trying to pull away from the church,of course they would say the same things.

and perhaps they would, and sure you’re right, but it was still fantastic to see in action.

i excitedly wrote a lot more here about this, but i took it down. it just looked like i’d sneezed semicolons all over the page, because, y’all, i’m apparently too sexy for sentence construction when i have a cold.

so when excitement abates and articulation decides to make an appearance – and of course, once i’ve gotten through all of the book – and passed my semester – did i just jinx it? – is this daisy chain the new nested parentheses? – so, yeah, when calmness happens i will be back to see patterns where undoubtedly the whole internet has already seen them – and you, phantom reader in the smug glasses has already predicted their being there – still i will come here and make my own discoveries.

then, inevitably,  i will give in to curiosity and google my babies, and – this is also inevitable – find a scholarly article (or a hundred) on the subject.

i read srinivasa ramanujam suffered similar klpd (similar in all respects but scale, of course), and he reacted by throwing a tantrum and then doing something else genius, and i’m thinking – sounds like a plan! :)


i’ve decided to include a links page on this… is this a website? anyway. a links page because i am stunned by the idea that i can have more pages in here. for free! (*shower of candy* ) but the links page will not list blogs, i think. for now, anyway. people are shady and may check trackbacks, and right now, you zitfaced, snotnosed reflection in the mirror, i like having just you around.



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