google is smug and other tragedies

October 21, 2010 § 2 Comments


well no other tragedies in this post, to be very completely accurate. just the one. the one where google is smug. one could substitute ‘blase’ for smug, but i suspect ‘blase’ has an accent thing going on and i don’t know how to put it there. i have decided that i am not going to do the cheap thing and google for it, and then copy paste from there.

i also just screwed up the grammar of that^. how does one switch from ‘one’ to ‘i’ grammatically? what sort of person uses ‘one’ for ‘i’ anyway?

(i am itching to make a a suitable boy reference here, but i am impeded by the really incoherent way that reference is framing itself in my mind.)




mandatory digressions? check!


i have a little smiley lurking at the bottom of my page. i almost missed it, it was a little jolt of surprise and happy i felt when i found it. i assumed it came with the template. then i forgot about it. then i found it here, lurking inside the tag cloud in the column on the right; i figured the template must be by the same person – it isn’t. so i decided it was a wordpress thing, and i’ve already decided that wordpress is eccentric so i took this as evidence for a good sort of eccentricity, rather than the i-will-be-completely-anti-intuitive-because-im-a-nutjob! sort of eccentricity***. then of course i googled it, because im not smart enough to preserve the ignorance (and so the romance), and google was smug and knowledgeable.


and now i am just sad.




***mandatory blogspot-bias.


§ 2 Responses to google is smug and other tragedies

  • Hawa Hawaii says:

    i have sort of spent an inordinate amount of time on your blog, and have managed to read almost all of it in one sitting, and this is a tragedy because you have not written enough, but i am not your mother so i will not chastise you entirely publicly, which is why i found this post with no comments to make this highly unrelated observation, and the long and short of it is, my good lord you write like a dream, and do this thing with words that is extremely life-affirming, and it would be a shame for you to stop putting down whatever beauty runs in your head, because when i read all of this, there is this earnestness that swells in my heart that wishes you so much good and so much happiness in that anonymous and wholesome and utterly unhinged way that only a stranger can hope for another, and if not for writing itself, i hope you continue to write simply for how simply you make people feel, and yes this is still one sentence glued together with very many conjunctions, but i hope it doesn’t go in vain, just get down to it, please, and write some more. :)

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