hark! a challenge. (hark! i lost it.)

October 23, 2010 § 5 Comments


a little thought on the matter suggests that the reason i get so restless with blogs is that i tire of my own rambling very quickly (it’s not polite to snort). aside from switching brains with someone less rambly, the only way to fix this is to play by different rules this time. so i’m going to take up a suggestion i never thought i would.

someone recently suggested to me that a good way to step the game up would be to restrict what i write about to one single issue. i am the queen of digressions, what. not to be too dramatic or anything, but i’m going to be pulling an icarus if you cut my digressionary wings off for good.

so since i lack the testicular fortitude to restrict themes for good, i’m going to see if i can do it for a limited number of posts at least. say, three. three posts is reasonable. i’m going to pick a theme word and restrict posts to this theme.

i just riffled through a dictionary and stuck my finger on a random word. the word is ‘mangosteen’.


this was a shitty plan.

now what?



§ 5 Responses to hark! a challenge. (hark! i lost it.)

  • soin says:

    adhu yennaga ma.. worldpress vandhone peterness level yekachakama yerudhu? i guess i am not going to get anything from now on. tata

  • I had to google mangosteen. Looks pretty. This is like reading a peter version of soin. No caps and all that.

  • Mangosteen?! Wow. There is this old mallu/tam ( I am not sure which ‘coz we are both and so I’m always confused when my parents tell me tales whether its tam or mallu folklore) story of a boy who had to write an essay on the coconut tree for an English exam, but had only prepared to write about the cow, so he started off by saying there was a cow tied to the coconut tree and then went on to write about the cow. Some such measures might be needed with Mangosteen :)

    Also, this new blog has a more stream-of-consciousness flavour to it so far. Liking it :) But I’d be all for your taking up topic blogging, provided its serious. Theme blogging which is as much opinion as a personal log is not my cup of tea.

  • Also, I wouldn’t say the anti-capitals policy on the blog is a capital idea. Of course, I sympathize with you and an all caps word feels like capital punishment to me, but without the capitals, the blog seems to be in a lawless state, if I may say so.

    However, Stephen Fry says: http://bit.ly/cSsigg, so I rest my case.

  • @soin – ok

    @jil – i just googled it. it is pretty. but i still know jack about it!

    @karthik – i tried full punctuation, but i prefer without for now. also in the mood im in these days, a little anarchy is rather attractive. as for that damned mangosteen, i did consider doing the cow-coconut thing, but that would defeat the purpose, so ill blog here next when i have something to say about mangosteens :)

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