takeaway philosophy, now with a free medium Coke.

November 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

so it’s just one of those days you’re working with lady gaga hoarsely blowing off alejandro in the background.

alejandro is such a convenient song. it’s not the most lyrically complex, so if you keep half a ear out for the chorus, you can just bellow ALEJANDRO-OOH, ALEJANDRO-OOHH whenever she does. it’s super forgettable, so you can sing your lusty sing and go on your bonny way without having gaga breathe heavily and maddeningly in your head all week after.

four more months are down and i am going home again.

in preparation, i am packing my bags, changing my face, upping my guard and lowering my hems.

idle wonderment of the day: is there anyone in the world who can look at all of the people you are, like every single one of them, and not resent you for choosing to be different people, all at once?

a little while back, i experienced a Perfect Day. it came about in a tangled, unexpected fashion, with bits and pieces falling in place all morning, but by the end, it was Perfect. the moment i realised that day had been perfect, i  cast my mind back looking for another day like that, and you know, i couldn’t find one. i don’t seem to have been paying enough attention. this looks like it may have been the first Perfect Day of my life.

i’m not sure what made it perfect, but im very curious. it was dinner and a movie with friends, and that just doesn’t happen enough. perhaps it was that. or perhaps it was the unexpected patch of giant red canna lilies at the theatre complex, or it could that i liked the way my clothes hung on me, or that odd moment when the light from the movie screen lit up the tears of laughter on her cheeks during the climax, or the fact that the persisting memory from that night is the sound of all of us laughing.

aishwarya rai is relaxing around a camera and doing a damn fine job of it.

for this vacation, i have cautious socialisation, coffee appreciation and arbitration planned out, and i am looking forward to every single one of those things; whenever i tire of them, i can pull out, oh yeah,  yet another book that i have been greedily stockpiling for this vacation, and read it while the light from the lighthouse shines into my room once every five seconds.

Ah do believe, deah mythical readuh, that this is what they mean when they say life is just poetry in motion.


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