laibach and think of england.

November 27, 2010 § 9 Comments


i watched the harry potter movie a few days back. this was the first time watching one without having read the book first.  how dare i! i know, right?  and yet i did, shame on me. i was blushing from the moment we stepped in the theatre parking lot. i used to froth at the mouth at people like me, back in middle school. mark the semites with a yellow star! mark them, i say!

….which allows me to segue neatly into – primo levi’s if this is a man, which is quite simply a fantastic book. the story is bigger than the storyteller and the storyteller knows enough to let it tell itself; it’s a rare event for the two to come together. the grammar is precise and the narrative is  pitiless. it takes fine sense of tragicomedy to recognise ‘holocaust fatigue‘ even if it is easy enough to feel it, so it takes an exceptional writer to shake you out of it. perhaps only a survivor could do it, and we are lucky such a survivor was primo levi.

my parents holidayed in goa recently. they went to a stately resort in south goa, played some respectable carrom, drank some faultless feni, took some sunny pictures and brought themselves safely back home, bigger in tummy, lighter of wallet and completely unencumbered by any memories of goa outside the resort walls. not for them the draw of backs broken by cheap beds in cheaper hotels or the asthmatic pleasures of rajdoot rides, evidently.

well, what do i know? i haven’t been to goa at all.

the only memories i have of it are vicarious ones eaten hungrily off the internet. a million unknown sunburnt backpackers have given their goa to make me my image of mine. such are the wonders of the internet.

in other news, while my taste in music is what i call ‘non-partisan’ and others call ‘mtv’, youtube has recently held my hand and guided me gently to the wonders of dreamtheater and rammstein, both of whom are present favourites. then i also found laibach and megaherz.

all of this is immensely confusing and highly intriguing. i feel like i am in a foreign country and i don’t speak the language.  whither, lady gaga? show yourself, for i am lost!

google tells me that laibach members dress in ‘provocative communist and fascist clothing’ as ‘sarcastic comments’ supposedly reviling bad-ness of both. i find the idea of a german industrial metal band making public-service messages verrrry verrry funny. you know, the kind of funny you notice but if you mentioned it aloud, no one would laugh? i think they call it british humour.

heh heh heh, it’s a rum thing, old thing, what, and all that.

or maybe i just don’t have a sense of humour.

anyway, laibach does a lovely conan-the-barbarian cover of live is life, which i’ve only heard in its bubblegum avatar courtesy opus.the laibach version sort of makes you want to sprout chest hair, if you get what i mean.

i leave you now to eat curd rice and plantain bajji and die many small happy deaths.



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