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March 11, 2011 § 14 Comments

jaipur, january 2011.


for someone who has no great love of travel, i sure do love my travel.

i also really, really miss it. i really, really do. why is it that funds, time and ideas never seem to come together? is this a pattern of things to come? i am presently spending evening-time hanging out at the railway tracks and flattening handfuls of gravel and my old 25 paise coins under train wheels. it cures my wanderlust a little and also, flattening coins under trains is addictive, have you tried it?

they say shady people hang out at the tracks. i haven’t seen any yet. either the shady people are home making better use of their time, or i am the shady person referred to. either way, i have decided to quit hanging shadily by the tracks because there is an insane family of goats that has taken up residence there. the mental picture composed of the sunset, the tracks and Your Philosophical Thoughts gets a lot less appealing when you factor in a family of freakishly hungry goats.

i will take my pride and my (so far) undamaged clothing elsewhere.

stupid things like internships and Work have caused my bonnies to go over the ocean. i am left all alone, a melancholic figure in a russian folktale, consoled only by the promise of karaoke, masala pasta and credit default swaps.

this really doesn’t deserve to be a post on my spandy new quality conscious (hah) blog, but since this is a perverse, perverse sort of day, i will be a perverse, perverse human bean and post this whine just to remind everybody of what this blog (and human bean) could be if she did not take good care to prevent it, so that you may appreciate her better.


§ 14 Responses to selfindulgent trash

  • Sroyon says:

    Someone I know exploded a capacitor on train tracks. Only works if they are electrified tracks, of course.

  • Karthik says:

    I now have an alliterative abuse to assault my friends with: “You are a sterling silver schmuck you know!” There’s something of pedigree to it :|
    Nice collection of earrings. Needless to say the black background enhances the presentation. I also see the making of a metal menagerie :)
    I sense a hint of irony in ‘flattening’ the tiniest and hence most likely flattest of all our coins (can a 25 paisa coin really be bent? unless there’s a new 25 paisa that I don’t know of that’s bigger than ever, making it worth every ‘ana’ to bend and subsequently flatten it). Also, yes, leaf the goats alone. You don’t want to be the black sheep in their family.

    • cha, why so much thinking. you just arrange the coins in a line on the tracks, wait for the train to come by and create a huge ass racket as it passes over the coins, and pick your perfectly flat, leaf shaped metal pieces up when it’s done. it’s really extraordinary the amount of noise it creates.

      they wouldn’t issue new 25p coins out, now; they’re not legal tender anymore.

      as for leaf-goat-sheep… disapproval.

  • neo says:

    Maybe it’s the way I travel, but after a while it all looks like the Travel channel. Or maybe I should stop taking so many pictures so I will be forced to remember.


    • perhaps, and yes. i think so. i wasn’t the photographer on this trip (never am), so my memories are not photo-to-photo.

      i don’t remember too much in detail, but i do remember i had a great time. worth it, i suppose.

  • Punvati says:

    You are sterling, darling.

    But yes, more of this and toilet humour shall be your spanking new header again. Not that I don’t enjoy this :P

  • ManD says:

    I just grinned foolishly after reading this…:D

  • Rahul says:

    @Sroyon – was? Past tense?

  • soin says:

    sometimes you can write really pointless stuff and make your point. and yes travel-it doesnt

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