whine and cheese

April 5, 2011 § 15 Comments

i don’t like the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. i don’t think it is brilliant.






i read the first book and i could not read the rest. i enjoy the occasional monty python skit but i’ve only liked about half of what i’ve seen. i like black adder, it’s funny in a tepid sort of way. i’ve tried my hardest to explain away my dislike/indifference to all of these and i’ve battled to adopt them with the same manic joy as most of my very good friends (who are also very tolerant, thank you), but alas! i remain excluded from this club.

i find hitchhiker smug, like a smug fat frog that has smugly swallowed the fly, where the fly is the reader (complicated metaphor, construct yourself). i feel like the whole book is an exercise of “look i am so Absurd! isn’t this hilarious, all these little useless details and digressions simply bursting with selfcontained trivia that are delightful and Cute! look at all my cute Details! look at my Darling Absurd! fried eggs and a planet! cutely unhappy robot! look i am so dorky chic! look, i am so hipster cute!”

oh spare me.

what is odd is, i have no doubt douglas adams was brilliant, but the (first)book, well…

black adder, well i have a blind spot the shape of rowan atkinson in my head. i will watch anything if he is in it, but i can’t shake the idea that black adder could be a hell of a lot funnier and somehow, he hasn’t managed to make that happen. this confuses and depresses me, but only mildly, thanks in no small part to my freakishly small attention span.

what i do like is monty python. i like at least half of the skits i’ve watched. some of them i find simply stupid – like this one – and the fact that they should be treated on par with this perfectly wonderful one – simply cements my conviction that python fans enjoy the cachet of being python fans at least as much as they enjoy python.this is more than a little annoying.

of course, the fact that i find slapstick, running gags and floods of trivia unfunny means that i am doomed from the start. still, don’t you think python is ridiculously played up? breaking the fourth wall isn’t laugh-out-loud hilarious by itself, and yet skits like the Cannibal Baby one (too impatient to look for link) rely on this almost completely to be funny; the other contributing factor is the far-out absurdist humour (baby eats grannies. grannies do not expect to be eaten. har de har har).

is this really that funny? that funny?

take as next example the “and now for something completely different” gag on python, involving a series of cutaways (cuts away?) into john cleese(was it him?) in a bikini or being roasted on a spit or indulging in other potentially hilarious digressions of an obviously absurdist nature that should ideally involve a combination of shock, disbelief and awe culminating in much thigh-slapping and har-har-ing.

except that all i perceive is a faint sense of desperation (“look! suddenly, i am in a pink bathing suit! see this rustic but cute animation! you didn’t expect it but i am presently being roasted on a spit! aren’t i funny now? well how about now? and now? no?…”)

if you enjoy all of this, i am nothing but happy for you. send me the membership card to your club. or your secret word or magic key or however it is that your species does things.

until then i am reading asterix and whining.

(P.S. – there is not a single person google can find who agrees with me. how can there be support groups for furries and none for hitchhiker haters? :( )


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