“Tell me a story,” said the Baroness, staring out despairingly at the rain; it was that light, apologetic sort of rain that looks as if it was going to leave off every minute and goes on for the greater part of the afternoon.

“What sort of story?” asked Clovis, giving his croquet mallet a valedictory shove into retirement.

One just true enough to be interesting and not true enough to be tiresome,” said the Baroness.”

The Story of St. Vespaluus, Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)


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  • Amrith says:

    Big fan of your blog!
    Quite a wonderfully unique writing style you’ve got!
    Here’s to many many more posts …


    • RedChappals says:

      You have the exact same blog design. And I think the same writing style. So, I wanted to say: Hello! Doppelganger.

  • Sij says:

    It has been years I have found myself dipping into your blogs, from rants to relative truths, and coming out on the other side somewhat optimistic about people and how similar people exist although on opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Why did I have to write this after years / months / weeks of undevoted readership, I am not sure. Your words seemed to have dried up but if you are still out there and would like to connect on a meaningful / ignorable page, you can find me at facebook.com/wordsforever (I promise this is not a plug especially since this blog has been cobwebs and crickets for a while :))

    Take care.

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